This program is aligned with the National Professional Standards of Teachers in Pakistan (NPSTP) that clearly states that if Pakistan is to develop a strong global presence, then it needs to be equipped with teachers capable of teaching at an international standard.
The program is based on the NPSTP objectives linked as follows:

  • To facilitate a coherent and predictable teacher professional development plan and offer opportunities for various pathways of upskilling.
  • To enable teachers to use a broad range of modern teaching pedagogies and tools.
  • Cultivate a sense of understanding of authentic assessments.
  • Empower teachers to develop ethical and moral standards through integrated learning as per the standards set in the national curriculum.


Pre Training Observation Phase (20 – 24 hours) Teacher Training and Capacity Building (60 hours) Post Training Observation and
Assessment (24 – 30 hours)

Every teacher will be observed using standardized rubrics for 15 minutes. The training will then be customized using the observation data.

The tentative topics will be modified and customized as per the need of the teachers found after the data analysis of the pre-training observation.

At the end of the training, teachers will be observed for implementation and will also be assessed through micro-teaching and
a written assessment to gauge the depth of learning that has taken place.


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