Developing an entrepreneurial mindset in youth is imperative to prepare them for an ever-changing economy. The study Entrepreneurship Education (Marques, Ferreira, Gomes, Rodrigues, 2012) argues that entrepreneurship education should start as early as possible, especially at the high school and grad school level.

These students are about to make decisions regarding their work lives and thus the exposure to entrepreneurship should be a career choice, as part of any career pathway. Entrepreneurial curricula help young students to develop “soft skills” that many employers indicate are missing in the prospective employee pool.


By the end of this 5-day training, students will be able to gain mastery in personal, workplace and technical competencies.

Participants will be able to:
• Assess and analyze entrepreneurship as a career choice
• Efficiently work in a complex environment of multi-cultural teams made up of interdisciplinary physical and virtual member profiles

Participants will be able to:
• Develop a business idea into a comprehensive and highly scalable business model by applying customer development principles in a real-life exercise
• Design a successful commercialization strategy for their product or service, launch their product or service to the market fast and acquire customers

• Introduction to Entrepreneurship
• Ideation
• Prototyping and Revenue Model Design
• Business Modeling
• Customer Engagement
• Business Showcase



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