This program is aligned with the writing requirements of the National Curriculum as well as inspired by the Common Core writing standards; the program is based on three stages – schools can opt for the comprehensive program or a single stage as per their specific needs.


Students at this stage are constantly using their imaginations to amuse themselves, and this is the right time to help them harness that vast torrent of creativity and encourage them to put it down on paper. At this stage the initial concern is to
1. Identify what is a novel
2. Identify the characteristics of a good book and a bad book
3. Create Main Characters
4. Create Supporting Characters
5. Creating the Plot
6. Creating the Setting
7. Bringing the concept together
8. Knowing where to publish

Middle school students are the best! They let their imaginations run wild with them, they come up with dramatic plans and ideas. They are the perfect candidate to write a creative novel. This stage is designed to enhance the writing prowess through
1. Initial Ideation
2. Creation of Awesome Characters
3. Power-packed Villain
4. Developing Elements of a Plot and a Conflict
5. Setting the Mood
6. Reinforcing Characters
7. Using Bold Beginnings
8. Blurring the edges
9. Working on Publishing

At this stage, students have the language skills to write beautiful prose, and are nuanced enough in storytelling to weave complex and surprising plots. Their characters will be quirky and dynamic, and some of them will get so attached to their characters that they will continue writing with the same characters.
This stage will include;
1. Creating Well-Developed Characters
2. Creating Conflict
3. Elements of Plot – Part One
4. Elements of Plot – Part Two
5. Setting and Mood
6. Settings That Reinforce Characters
7. Writing Really Good Dialogue
8. Beginnings
9. Details, Details, Details

10. “Going Deeper” Mini-Lesson
11. Cleaning It Up
12. Getting It Published


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